Derryn Acejo


Derryn Acejo is the primary pianist at Harmony School of Dance & Music.  From an early age, Derryn displayed an exceptional skill and technical facility at the piano. Educated in the Philippines, she went on to attend Lourdes College, where she earned her Associate Degree in Music, an equivalent to ARCT Performance in RCM curriculum.

Miss Derryn has been accompanying Miss Charissa’s ballet classes for over 5 years, establishing a strong connection with staff and students alike. Her educational training, intuitive musicality, and natural ability to seamlessly accompany Charissa’s vocal leads help to enrich the quality of every class.

In addition to being a mother of three and an integral staff member at both Orange Dot and Harmony School of Dance & Music, Derryn has worked as an organist and professional accompanist in church choirs.